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The Landscape Architects Registration Board (LARB) of Hong Kong was established on 10 September 1997 under the Landscape Architects Registration Ordinance - Cap. 516 (LARO).  The long title of LARO is:

“To provide for the registration of professional landscape architects and disciplinary control of the professional activities of registered professional landscape architects, and for related matters.”


Section 7 of LARO lists out the “functions” of the Board:

(a)   establish and maintain a register of registered landscape architects;

(b)   set and review the qualification standards for registration as a registered landscape architect and related registration matters;

(c)   advise the Government and the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA) on registration matters;

(d)   examine and verify the qualifications of persons who apply for registration as registered landscape architects;

(e)   receive, examine, accept or reject applications for registration and renewal of registration as a registered landscape architect;

(f)    deal with disciplinary offences in accordance with LARO;

(g)   keep proper records of its proceedings and accounts; and

(h)    carry out such other functions as LARO may prescribe.


Section 8 of LARO lists out the “powers” of the Board:

(a)   set fees payable to it under LARO;

(b)   establish committees to advise the Board on the carrying out of the powers and duties of the Board;

(c)   employ persons to assist with the carrying out of its functions under LARO;

(d)   from time to time engage such professional advisers as it may consider necessary or expedient;

(e)   make rules for the conduct and discipline of registered landscape architects;

(f)    make rules for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by persons attending to the business of the Board;

(g)   make further rules required under LARO.


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