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Landscape Architects Registration Board (LARB) is authorized by the Landscape Architects Registration Ordinance - Cap. 516 (LARO) to handle disciplinary offence complaints against Registered Landscape Architects in Hong Kong

According to Section 20(1) of LARO, a registered landscape architect commits a disciplinary offence if he or she:-

(a)  commits misconduct or neglect in any professional respect;

(b)  has been convicted of an offence under LARO;

(c)  has obtained registration under LARO by fraud or misrepresentation;

(d)  was not at the time of his registration under LARO entitled to be registered;

(e)  without reasonable excuse, fails to attend before an inquiry committee when summoned either as a witness or as a person in respect of whom the inquiry committee is meeting; or

(f)   has been convicted in Hong Kong or elsewhere of any offence which may bring the profession into disrepute and sentenced to imprisonment, whether the sentence is suspended or not.


Procedural chart on handling disclpinary complaint



In order to allow us to process your complaint, please make sure you state clearly the name of a Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) you want to make a complaint of.  LARB will only be able to process complaints on RLAs, and thus full, correct name(s) must be explicitly stated.  LARB will be unable to process a complaint made against a firm or a company without a name of a RLA.


Complaints shall be made in writing to : or P.O. Box 97511 Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office





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